Custom Log Homes

Custom Log Homes North Dakota Welcome to the Absolute Log Homes and Restoration web site. We have been providing custom-built log homes to clients in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming since 1983.

Custom Log Home Construction is our passion. At Absolute Log Homes we follow the tradition laid down by generations of craftsmen before us. Quality, durability and appearance define our design and construction process.

Quality Log Shells

A log shell is only as good as the fit between the logs. At Absolute Log Homes and Restoration we take many additional steps to ensure a tight, well-insulated fit between each and every log that comprises the shell of your home. During shell construction each log is individually shaped to correspond with surrounding logs and ensure the fit is as tight as a glove.
  • Full Scribe & Chink Styles
  • Hand Peeled Lodge Pole Pine, Spruce, Fir or Larch Logs
  • Full Logs No Splicing
  • Saddle Notching
  • Log Purlins & Trusses
  • Log Stairs & Railings
  • Windows and Doors (Buck System)
  • Wool Insulation (lateral scribes & notches)
  • Electrical Runs
  • Log Fireplace Mantels
  • Custom Pine Countertops
  • Timber Trusses & Framing
  • Caulking/Chinking & Staining
  • Design/Drafting Services

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Absolute Custom Log Homes | Rapid City, South Dakota

Absolute Log Homes and Restoration serves South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.